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Area: 160,000 sq. m.
Hall of production : 5000 m
Administrative and support offices : 600 sq.m.
Anbarmlzvmat : 150

Sana in line with the development and operation of plant equipment 1 in 1388
Study the process of development began with the following parameters
- Finding the location fits the criteria of scientific, technical, economic and environmental
- Safety and environmental compliance requirements in the design, construction and operation of the site's new approach towards sustainable development
- Using advanced technologies based on the requirements of the third millennium
- Mechanization of production processes using automatic and semi-automatic machinery and equipment to enhance
Quality and increase production efficiency, such as painting a room, chamber dryer
- Observance of the principle of maximum productivity and prevent retaliation in energy engineering and construction of facilities
- Construction of steel structures, especially Vpyshrfth localization technologies
- Define the model and the Iranian model of established industrial foundation of knowledge
In the process Mamvnyh industrial park near the construction site development plan Saveh
SANA Executive Vmlyat manufacturing plant No. 2 was initiated in 1389 was honored today
Sana we announced the new site will be operational in the second half of 1390


Aderan factory evacuated in February 2012 and was transferred to the Mamuniyeh industrial complex.

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