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  Sazeh Andisheh Nasim Alborz Engineering Company SANA ,a designer and manufacturer of steel infrastructures industries plants and industrial/ constructional infrastructure was estabished in early 2009
on the path of thriving we believe in no barriers to stop us from flourishing and our unquestionable mission is to  nominate SANA as a symbol of prodigious iranian management group within national borders and beyond.  

Our vision is eventually to position SANA in the category of outstanding and popular companies globally the followings are our brief missin statements

* Assuring employers about our products highest guality guarantees 
* Proving our capabilities of getting the largest projects jobs implemented in a shortest possible time
* Constant updating of complete collections of machineries and technologies of the national industrial structures
* Organizing different projects based on lidices of knowledge , skills< and experiences of SANA's personnel.
* Begin up to date about the latest computer software and commitment to utilizing them legally under the current national and global regulations
* Review and upgrade of instructions proportionate to time , nature and the requirements of the projects.
* Commitment to constant training and betterment of the level of personnel's technical skills/knowledge.
* Providing patterns and modifying scientific skills through practical experiences of iranian managers.
* Trageting the highest possible position along with all the pioneer export companies of  the technical and engineering service nationally and internationally.
* administrative action in order to establish an integrated managment system (IMS)
* Forming a synergy and updating managers for mutual understandings of the personnel and goals of the company.
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